What is the micrograft in hair transplants?

The micrograft is the procedure of hair restoration by transplanting healthy follicles in bald areas of the scalp. A micrograft contains hair follicles that comprise one to three hairs per follicle. These follicles constitute the micro-transplant donor patch. The micrografts are removed from a donor site on the lateral or posterior part of the scalp.

It is advisable to consult a professional before considering a treatment of this type. All cases of baldness can not be candidates for surgery. An individual must consider certain problems.

The micrograft is a process that is usually performed under local anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling pain. With this anesthetic technique, the pain factor decreases. This allows the patient to become aware of what is happening without feeling uncomfortable.

The preparation for the hair transplant will begin by numbing the scalp with a local anesthetic. This will apply to donor and recipient sites. After that, the donor surface is measured and the hair is cut a little.

The scalp will receive an injection filled with saline. This solution facilitates tissue removal. Then the donor material is removed. It will be in the form of long strips. These fabric strips are removed with a scalpel. An incision will be made deep enough to include the hair follicles in good health.

The area of ​​the hair to be removed is cut or cut close to the scalp. Then, the desired amount of hair and skin of the donor is eliminated.

The skin and hair of the donor that has been removed are processed for division under increase. Then they will be placed almost exactly according to the correct pattern and direction of your natural hair. This donor site is sutured, covered with a bandage and closed. A small cure will be obtained, but it will only be detectable by careful examination. This should not sound the alarm because the area will be covered with hair in no time.

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