Scars of blood and yolk transplant are made to repair them.

A successful hair transplant can be considered a success for many. The restoration of the property is in the path of the legend track of the people in the history of the school and the heart of the city and the city.

More than an inevitable part of this operation, in case the process is successful or not. The history of people with scars in the patient’s body area. Sometimes the scars at rest due to the improper results of the surgeons and, sometimes, as soon as the final result of the surgery.

The spots appear to dissolve gradually during the postoperative healing phase. More information was in place. The degree of cicatrization of a species of chickens is composed of two factors, one controllable and the other uncontrollable. The first factors depend on the chosen closure technique and the experience of the surgeon himself. The site of the tiles in the area owes neither the other, nor the other nor the other, nor is it correct, but is corrected with the appropriate technique, applied to the scar and the evolution of the disease.

The uncontrollable aspect is the patient’s genetic healing ability, which manifests itself as safe in a thin, pale line (barely visible to the eyes). Cereals can have a thicker and wider scar because the scar formation around the reception area can burn around the scars. Although it may also have protuberances and protuberances that are not visible to the linear scar that remains in the donor area.

Fade scars with SMP

SMP One of the main beneficial methods to repair scars can be the help of scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which was developed for the purpose of protecting baldness, but can also be used to repair the tenure that remains after a transplant. of hair.

2 and 3 or 3 medical sessions to camouflage the scars. The management of the company and the environment is familiar with the type of patient and the tissue of memory. Scar tissue is radically different from the natural tear of the motor and cicatricial scarring that is sensitive to pigmentation than the normal skin of the car, shingles affects shingles; The product of nature’s tissues will last at working capacity and pigmentation.

The Fraxel Capillary organization system can be an ideal solution to treat scars. In addition to the small peeling scars, the Fraxel Capillary System can help to soften the area affected by postoperative marks, to stimulate collagen production and reduce the degree of blemish. Depending on the laxity and the nature of the child, the sessions require a variant.

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