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Hair loss affects 40% of men and women. It has been reported that 93% of men and women are concerned about hair loss and 88% are frustrated with the products and treatments available. The cause of hair loss can be genetic,

but studies show that 95% of hair loss is caused by high levels of DHT in the skin and in the hair follicles. Hair loss is also caused by medications, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes and stress. Stress increases cortisone levels, which can cause hair growth to stop in the resting phase, resulting in thinning hair. The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and there are many treatments available, some require medications, some over the counter, many camouflages and medicinal plants. The following is a short list of some of the most popular hair restoration products on the market today.


Propecia requires a recipe. It works by blocking the formation of DHT in the scalp. It is reserved for men, it is expensive and has a high incidence of side effects, some of which are sexual.


Rogaine was originally a medication for high blood pressure, but doctors noticed an increase in hair growth in patients who used it. Minoxidil is the key ingredient in this over-the-counter treatment, which is also available in a female version. Side effects are minimal, but so is the success rate: around 50%. No guarantee and a questionable return policy.


This DHT blocker is administered through tablets and a solution. Safe for men and women, natural tablets contain important vitamins and minerals. Procerin is supposed to repel hair. 90 day money back guarantee.


A completely natural safe treatment for men and women. Revivogen stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth, thickening the hair follicles from the inside. It has been proven that all-natural ingredients prevent the formation of DHT. A natural alternative without side effects. 90 day money back guarantee.


A completely natural safe treatment for men and women. System without side effects of over-the-counter, over-the-counter, in 3 parts: shampoo, activator gel and supplements. The gel brings the hair to the growth phase (anogen) and the supplement contains more than 2 dozen vitamins, minerals and amino acids to stimulate hair growth. A kit costs around $ 90.00, but it buys multiples and the price goes down. 100% organic, 100% money back guarantee.


A very popular natural supplement made from saw palmetto, green tea extract and grape seed extract. A bottle of 120 capsules costs around $ 45.00. Satisfaction guaranteed at 100%, but problems with the return policy.


Only for women. Sephren works in combination with tablets and topical foam, providing internal / external treatment. 90 day money back guarantee.

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