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When your hair begins to fall at a very fast rate and does not grow back suddenly, or when the amount of hair growth can not keep up with hair loss, it can be a very disturbing experience. Fortunately, the medical restoration of hair has evolved a lot since antiquity, when the only option available was to use wigs. Now there are several options and you do not need to undergo surgery to recover your hair. So, where does the research start and how do you know which will work best for you?

New research indicates that male pattern baldness is the result of high levels of a hormone called dihydrotesterone or DHT. This is where the scientists came up with the idea that a DHT blocker might be the best ingredient in an effective fall arrest product on the market. Now there are medical products for hair restoration, such as creams, which contain DHT blocking agents and have proven to be effective despite the long wait (from a few months to more than a year).

However, if you are a woman, products that contain DHT inhibitors may not be as effective because DHT is only found in humans. The causes of this condition, which are mainly rooted in hormones, are different in men and women. In women, the hormones produced in the body during pregnancy and menopause are those that cause baldness in women. Certain life events in women that cause hormonal changes, such as irregular menstruation, certain medical or medical conditions and medications also cause hair loss in women. Therefore, in this case, it would be better to opt for topical treatments against hair loss, such as shampoos against hair loss, which are perfect for both men and women.

For those who are very concerned about safety and side effects, we can bet on natural products against hair loss, such as herbal creams and some vitamin supplements. Herbal creams usually do not contain corrosive chemicals like some hair restoration products for medical use. They do not have side effects that pose a risk to the liver. It is said that taking particular vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin B complex, choline, inositol and magnesium can help healthy hair grow at a faster rate.

To choose a hair restoration product, the best way is to check the ingredients used in the product and make sure it does not contain ingredients that may have harmful effects for you.

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