Laser hair transplant: what they do not want you to know

If you are wondering whether laser technology is an exciting advance or other sales strategy, you will want to read this brief report on what exactly a “laser hair transplant” is and why you should understand all uses of the term “laser”. In the hair restoration industry.

The first thing I want to mention is that the term “laser” is also associated with one of the three products that the FDA has shown that “has been shown clinically to stop hair loss or increase hair growth.” two. “This product is known by the generic name of” laser comb. “This is the” real deal. ”

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with a “laser hair transplant”. The answer to the question posed in my introductory sentence is “yes, laser technology is an exciting development, but not in the field of hair transplantation, do not let anyone confuse it accidentally or deliberately.

Without trying to cover everything related to hair restoration products and services, let me tell you that in no case should the reader assume that surgery is the best option for them. It probably is not. The option of surgery is far enough in the list for most people, but when you get to this option, you will obviously want the best and if you start doing an investigation, you will hear about “laser this or that”. So, take this, for what it’s worth for a man who does not sell hair transplants: laser hair transplants are more of a marketing gimmick than a reason to choose this or that strategy. restoration or such a doctor.

The value of the laser in the medical field is its ability to destroy a selected target while causing little damage to the surrounding tissue. In hair transplantation, there is no selected target. The only purpose of the laser is to burn a receptor hole in the skin for the transplanted hair.

The sellers of this technique like to insist on selectivity, but they fail the point. The hole is dug to destroy the tissue and is just a more sophisticated way to use the old method of “punching” during implantation, with all the scars and surface changes that accompany it. . In summary, there is no difference in the impact on the scalp between the laser and the usual surgeon’s knife.

Do not let anyone tell you that the laser transplant is not painless either. Away from. This confusion is occasional due to the laser comb mentioned above. Its use is painless, but laser laser transplantation requires anesthesia as much as conventional surgery.

In short, we are talking about smoke and mirrors to exaggerate one provider at the expense of another, someone who does not offer “laser hair transplants”. You saved money by reading this article. The good news is that the clinically proven advances in hair restoration have made today’s generation of young people the first to be able to choose to keep their hair, even if they belong to a family of bald men.

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