Hair transplants: micro hair transplant – The facts

We all appreciate our image. Our appearance seems to be more important to us now than ever before. The image plays a role in almost every aspect of our lives today. Problems with your hair can make you look older and affect your confidence level. For both men and women, the effect of hair loss in an extremely fast and image-conscious environment can be devastating.

Hair replacement surgery has benefited from the introduction of new techniques for affordable interventions. For most people, the only truly effective solution to hair loss is precision mini surgery and micro hair transplantation. However, the thought of surgery, although minor, can create for most people all kinds of questions that must be answered before continuing. The “what if” syndrome begins to create all sorts of uncertainties: “Did I make the right decision? Can I afford the cost of the procedure?” And the most important question of all is “Will it work? MO?”


Male pattern baldness affects two thirds of the world’s male population and in recent years, perhaps due to the stress of everyday life, women and younger women have thinning hair.

During the decade of the seventies, the procedure called graft surgery or puncture graft was developed. This type of procedure required the removal of the circular plugs of the skin that carries the hairs from the areas of the donors on the sides and on the back of the head. These plugs were transplanted in previously bald or thin areas. However, the tampon surgery quickly showed its limits, producing an effect known as wrist hair, wrist head or row of corn, which gives it a rather unattractive appearance.

This treatment obviously required considerable improvements and, in the late eighties, a new technique revolutionized the hair replacement industry. The new technique not only replaces hair in a way that looks like your natural hair, but it is also an affordable option for the millions of people affected around the world.

Graft microincision had arrived. Finally, people suffering from male pattern baldness and female hair loss have a choice that will provide them with their own growing hair that can not be distinguished from natural hair growth.

Local anesthesia removes a band of hairy skin. The micro and mini follicular units are prepared from this donor area. These individual hair follicles are then placed in small incisions in the area that the new hair requires. These micro incisions are so small that they heal without scarring. The complete procedure is completed in two to three hours and the patient can return home the same day. No bandages or dressings are required. The whole procedure is done in only 2 to 3 hours.

Hair transplantation has continued to improve in the last 5 years. The use of micrografts (simple hairs) allows the surgeon to produce a completely natural hair root. Wider areas of baldness can be covered with an acceptable density of the patient’s growing hair.

Terence Roper – Trichology Consultant – The Scalp & Hair Clinic Ltd

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