Hair Transplant Replacement – Are You Really Qualified?

If you are considering having hair replacement surgery, you should know if you are really qualified for this procedure. This is important because not everyone is eligible, even if they have a bald head or significant hair loss. This article analyzes carefully how to know if you are qualified or not before thinking about doing it.

One of the factors that may prevent you from being a candidate for a hair replacement surgery is the severity of your hair loss. Yes, a person with total hair loss or total baldness is automatically excluded from this operation. Regardless of what someone tells you, it is the fact at the moment!

The reason is that hairs from other parts of your head will be needed for a transplant in the bald area. If you are completely bald, your head will not have hair in the areas of the donors for the transplant. The original hair is used for the ideal hair surgery.

When is the right time to opt for a hair replacement surgery? The ideal time will be when you experience early hair loss. Since then, she still has hair (back) to use as donor hair for hair transplantation.

Therefore, if you expect your hair to become completely bald, it is a bad choice because, when you decide to undergo this operation, there will be enough hair to complete the procedure.

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