Hair transplant in women: when and why can not, usually

Although 90% of men with progressive hair loss can benefit from a hair transplant, the fact is that only 2% to 5% of women can benefit from it.

While the hair loss itself is caused by the same in both sexes (DHT hormone), the difference is that in men, there is usually a “pattern” of baldness and part of this pattern is that the sides and the back of a man’s head serve as “stable places” necessary for the donor’s hair.

Hair loss in women is more diffuse. The hair is scarce in the whole head, without reliable reason, without stable places and, in fact, without donor hair. The transplanted hair from the back and sides of the head would probably fall.

May be an exception and benefit from a surgical restoration of hair under the following conditions

Hair loss due to mechanical alopecia or traction.
Previous plastic or plastic surgery that may have caused hair loss around the incision sites.
Women who have a different pattern such as baldness in men with similar stable sites for donor hair.
The loss of hair has been traumatized. (burns, traffic accidents, etc.)
Women with marginal alopecia.
As with all things, the best way to choose a treatment is to discover the specific cause of hair loss. If you have a trusted doctor, talk to your doctor and share your concerns. Sometimes you will be lucky and your doctor can help you, but what counts is that the doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist if you can not help him directly. That’s what I want to say with a doctor you can trust. This is my best advice but …

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