Hair loss and other disasters – Appropriate guide for hair care

Men and women tend to lose their hair due to hormonal changes in the body that are activated at a certain age (different, depend on genetics). The difference is caused by the metabolism of androgens in the body that causes hair loss.

Androgen is the male hormone that plays an important role in hair loss and regrowth. This metabolism of androgens interacts with an enzyme called alpha 5 reductase. Alpha 5 reductase tends to combine with the male hormone, called testosterone, and gives DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This DHT is the natural metabolite of the human body that is the main cause of hair loss.

There are 4 common ways to combat hair loss and maintain / regenerate hair:

Option 1) Capillary grafts without scar.

How it works: “Men, especially younger ones, are often worried about a hair transplant because they do not want a scar on the back of their head in case they want to use it someday.” Dr. Halaas says. With the “band method”, the extraction of follicular units (FUE) prevents the formation of scars because the grafts are collected one by one with small perforations that heal practically without being detected, so you can still get close. “There are two ways to perform grafts: manually by the doctor and automatically by a machine that accelerates the incision process, but may be less precise,” says Dr. Halaas. “It takes longer to graft individual hair and cost more , but it reduces the healing time with a regrowth rate of 80%. “This is comparable to the results obtained with the band method, where the growth rates are around 90%.

Cost: depends on the number of transplants you have taken, but each transplant costs approximately $ 7 and the average procedure varies between 1,600 and 2,200 transplants.

Option 2) Cell therapy

How it works: Called Plasma Rich in Platelets (PRP, for its acronym in English), this technique is just beginning to be used for hair restoration, although it has been used for years in cardiology and plastic surgery. A small amount of your blood is centrifuged in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and growth factor proteins that facilitate healing and then they are added to the scalp. “It helps increase blood flow to the scalp and can awaken inactive hair to stop hair loss,” says Dr. Halaas. “Used with a hair transplant, it accelerates the healing process and helps the grafts develop better.”

The cost: costs approximately 1200 USD in an independent treatment and 450 USD in combination with a hair transplant.

Option 3) Laser light therapy

How it works: “Laser light promotes the synthesis of proteins necessary for hair regeneration and also stimulates blood flow to the area for better growth,” says Dr. Halaas. “Laser therapy is better for men who notice more hair loss and wish to keep the hair they have on their heads, as well as some regrowth.” Studies show that 80% of people treated with laser for hair loss have a decrease in excretion or a complete interruption of hair loss and 40% have thicker hair.

The cost: a session costs $ 75 or a year packages cost $ 1,900.

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