Hair growth for men: you should read remedies for the growth and restoration of men’s hair

This is the futile annoyance of most men around the world: baldness or hair loss. This can start as early as adolescence or at 60 years old. Some men will have thinning hair during their life, while a large percentage will face much more than this situation. They can experience baldness in men, starting from the top or the crown and sometimes even in both segments of the hair. Although the field of medicine works hard for treatment, bald men like you should take full advantage of the hair loss treatments available in the market today.

Finasteride is sold under some brand names, which are an inhibitor of DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Actually, DHT has been discovered as the main cause of male pattern baldness. In fact, DHT can bind the androgen receptors in your scalp. Thus, the hair follicles suffer serious damage. They become lighter and, in due time, stop hair production, resulting in the loss and baldness of men. By preventing the enzyme that converts natural testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, this medication eliminates the problem and allows the hair to develop continuously.

Spironolactone is another medication for hair growth in men; It is also sold under different brands. It is a topical cream that works as an anti-androgen. It works by adhering to the receptors present on your scalp by keeping it safe from the fixation of DHT, thus preventing baldness. Minoxodil was originally sold as a prescription drug before 1996. However, you can now get it through an over-the-counter purchase. You can choose a form of foam or oil and apply it daily on your scalp. This medication serves as a vasolitizer, in which it opens blood vessels to improve the flow of blood to the scalp.

The most expensive and one of the best remedies for hair loss in men is hair restoration surgery. You can repel the hair on your bald head when performing a hair transplant. Although some skeptics think of the “wrist-head” result of this operation, science has improved a lot and the look is more natural than before. The basic principle of this medical procedure is to place bristles on the back and sides of the head and then graft them onto segments that need hair. The good news about this cure for hair growth in men is that the transplanted hairs can maintain resistance to DHT even in their new place.

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