Are hair transplants the cure for baldness?

If you only had $ 3,000 left in your savings account and ended up with a bald spot that harassed you, would you be willing to spend it on a hair transplant?

Believe it or not, there are some who have recovered their last dollars and have ended this treatment. It was worth it?

Of course, it depends on your own situation with regard to hair loss. Most people can not have a hair transplant, not because of the cost, but their hair has fallen, making it literally impossible.

If you have lost a lot of hair on your back and on the sides of your head, you should not even waste your time. In fact, most procedures take the hair that grows in the follicles of these areas and transplant them to the areas where you need them most.

What happens if you do not want to spend thousands of your hard earned money but prefer to take a cheaper route and get excellent results? It is certainly possible too. In fact, this is how most of your neighbors come back against baldness.

This can be as simple as increasing the blood flow to the scalp to get more hair through a scalp massage. Never neglect this little exercise simply because it seems too simple. You can get results. This is especially true if you add essential oils in the process.

There is a hidden secret: 90% of those who lose their hair have no idea of ​​its existence. Do you want to have more hair naturally?

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