An affordable hair transplant – A purchase guide

Although hair transplantation and surgery can be expensive, some clinics charge less than most. The key is to be a proactive consumer: we talk about your hair after all. Keep in mind that you are paying a lot of money, money that you have worked hard for. You do not have to pay up to ten dollars per transplant if you can find a clinic that offers three to four dollars per transplant. You should seriously consider which clinic and which surgeon to choose.

It is possible that clinics without a single center (which are generally not in the state in which they live) charge less than the most popular clinics with satellite branches throughout the country. First, their overall costs are lower and, in general, to compensate for the disadvantages of their location, they charge an absolute price for transplantation compared to most clinics that give the illusion that the more you buy grafts, the more you save

For example, you can find clinics that offer discounts if you buy wholesale, which means you pay $ 7 per graft for a total of 750 grafts and only $ 6 per graft per 1,000. First of all, if you can. So many transplants are allowed, why is not it? It is not normal to be penalized for not being able to buy so much, especially when there are clinics that can offer services for only $ 3 per transplant, no matter how many you need. Clinics that provide hair transplants will usually give you free consultations and appointments so you have an idea of ​​how much you need to spend.

Do not take the first clinic that apparently offers you a good deal. It is always good to compare and buy as if it were a perfect jean.

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